Palghar, a recently minted (August 2014) tribal district in state of Maharashtra is about 120-140 KMs north of Mumbai city along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway.  Skirted by Gujrath on the north and northeast and Nasik district of Maharashtra on the west, Palghar is home to landowners belonging to Agri and Kunabi ethnicity (OBC) and tribal (Adivasi)* form the agricultural labor toiling in these lands.

  • Adivasi: Adi means first, Vasi means Inhabitants. Indigenous people, Natives

Each village has separate hamlets for the tribal folks called “Pada” with Dhuktan having 15 padas, Bahadoli with 4 and Khamloli with 6. Compared to the rest of the villages, the Adivasi hamlets are poorly developed with absent infrastructure and services. The major industry in addition to agriculture is sand mining from the riverbed. Many youth work in nearby industries as daily wageworkers.

PUKAR conducted Pilot Project, in collaboration with IIT-Bombay, supported by Ford Foundation on digital literacy, social and economic empowerment of the people in the following three villages during June 2014-  Sep 2015.

Villages:           Dhuktan, Bahadoli and Khamloli     District- Palghar

In the pilot project we have gone through each and every Pada, teaching the Tribal, one on one basis, ITC, and various schemes that would bring them the social and economic empowerment.

The results revealed that  % people saved money, time and efforts,  % people opened bank accounts, % people got their Aadhar cards, % students benefited from scholarships.

These outcomes from the pilot villages were appreciated by Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiative. Hence they have decided to supported PUKAR to scale up the project to 14 more villages and PUKAR Team added the point of financial inclusion the ambit of E-Governance.



PUKAR selected 14 villages in Palghar Taluka for the scale up program.

Pochade, Tamsai, Netali, Chahade, Vasare, Vishrampur, Khadkoli, Tandulwadi, Uchavali, Pargaon, Nagave, Sakhare, Dahisar, Gundave

The total number of people who would be benefit from this project are more than 20000